Herb Crusted Lamb Dinner

Today we went to La District shopping for food supplies. It is down town in the Brookfield mall. La District is an open-style French market with high quality ingredients. It has cheeses, meats, fresh produce and many other things. I planned to make Seared Herb Lamb Chops and Wilted Garlic Spinach and pasta. This place had everything we needed and it was super fun to shop there.



Cheese at La District

The dinner turned out to super well. We had some great cheeses with truffle honey and rosemary crackers. The lamb were a perfect medium, and the spinach was nice and soft. However the trick to a good sear is to use high quality butter on medium heat so that the lamb has time to form a crust but also cook all the way through.


Tip: hot oil and water are not friends! If combined step back right away because the oil will start to spatter every where.

Franks v. Pigs


This is what they are called at Madison Square Garden. I went with my dad to see a Rangers game.  It was fun to get out, which I don’t do as often now and.. the Rangers WON!! I think I am a good luck charm.


I made these and my dad thought it was funny to put two in one blanket!

Dessert is…?