Christmas Eve Pig Roast

Every year on Christmas Eve our family hosts a pig roast.Our whole family comes to celebrate. I look forward to this party every year. I am able to see all of my family. We have such a great time.


It is a time-honored cuban tradition. The pig takes forever to cook put it tastes super good. it’s always very crispy. They smoke and cook the meat over hot coals so it is super tender. It falls right off the bone! DSC00174.jpg

It is super fun to watch the pig cook. As a way to pass time we talk and catch up with our family while eating cheese!! We also play poker with pennies I always lose because I’m not very good! DSC03319.jpg

We eat the pig with rice and beans, salad, yuca a vegetable similar to a potato and a great gravy. The  meal is always gone super quickly, but if there are left overs we have them the next day!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Pig Roast

  1. I love this Nikki, especially the roasting pig section, of course…You’ve done an amazing job with the blog. The pics and stories tell a great story and demonstrate to the world how with family friends and faith you can face the hardest battles in life. Keep up the good work.
    Love Mike, Betty, BV, Patricia and Mikey..


    1. Noche Buena is definitely my favorite holiday of the year! We have spent so many of these together and have had so many good times! What a great blog you have created.


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